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               Assignment 2: Three is a Lucky Number

               Students were asked to read “How’s your Mother” and answer the following questions. Answer: no
               more than 60 words and no less than 50.


               1.  What was Ronald ‘s reason for marrying Mary, Dorothy and Edyth?

               2. Why do you think the story is called “Three is a Lucky Number"? Who is lucky in this case
               and why?

               3. What do you think happens to Ronald as the story comes to an end?

               4. What makes Edyth go to the police?

               5. Which of these statements are true and which are false? Correct those that are false.

               (a) Ronald is planning to murder his third wife in the same way as the other two.

               (b) His first two wives were both rich, with no relations.

               (c) His first wife died soon after the wedding.

               (d) He murdered his second wife the year before.

               (f) He married her in her home town.

               (h) In Edyth’s drawer, he finds all her money in an envelope.

               6. From the “glossary” in the story, use the following words in an example sentence. Bubble
               (noun); Funeral (noun); Will (noun)

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